Angry Chickens

Instructions : Control the movement of your chicken using the mouse.

About Angry Chickens

Angry Chickens unblocked is a free Slither-style online game with diverse challenges. In this title, rather than controlling a snake, now you must direct the movement of a little cute chicken around the map to gather as many fried eggs as possible for building up your size. When you roam the map, you will encounter lots of enemy chickens that are controlled by real human players. To kill them, you need to have some good strategies. You can have them crash into your own body, speed up yourself to bypass and block their movement, or even set some deadly traps for them. Whatever you do, make sure you eliminate your enemies and keep yourself alive during the course of the fight. If you get defeated, the game will be over, causing you to restart it from scratch. The goal of Angry Chickens free game is to become the giant chicken ruling the arena!