Instructions : Click the left mouse button to control your crowd of zombies and move it around the city to eat humans and enemies.

About Crowd

How will it feel to become a hungry zombie? Let’s jump into Crowd online game unblocked where you will play as a zombie roaming the streets to eat many humans and other enemy zombies controlled by real human players. Crowd City io free game is inspired by and Crowd City Mobile app game. Your main goal here is to build the largest crowd of zombies possible to dominate all the streets. To achieve the goal, you must try to eat plenty of humans, defeat your opponents, steal their people and make your crowd much larger than ever. Your hunger has no limits, so feel free to eat as much as possible. However, you still have to stay on guard as there are various dangers around you. If you get eaten by a certain enemy, the game will be over. You have to climb the top of the leaderboard to become the zombie king! Crowd features a wide range of characters. Can you unlock all of them? Try it now!