Instructions : Use the left mouse to click on planets to choose hem. Use arrow keys or WASD to move around, and press the spacebar to jump.

About Fleats.io

Fly into space with your swarm of ships in Fleats.io online game right now! Like other space-themed io game, Fleats.io unblocked also pits you against various opponents from around the world. You and those players have to fight against each other for gaining control of all planets. It’s all about your strategy, so you must prepare it carefully in advance to outplay all enemies. Start to take control of your swarms of ships, send them from planet to planet to capture the entire galaxy. You’d better concentrate on larger planets as they produce ships much faster for you, also, if you come to the center of the map, you will find a key to win there. Do whatever it takes to protect your ships before they are eliminated by the enemy ships. Fleats.io free game is very enjoyable to master. Let’s give it a shot now to show off all the skills you have!