Instructions : Use the mouse to draw and use the keyboard to type your answers.

About is a fascinating web-browser io game in which you have to draw stuff then let other players guess the right words. You will step into a public room where you play with many online friends from around the world. When you take the turn to draw, you must choose one from the three given words, then quickly draw stuff in just 60 seconds while other people are trying to guess what you are drawing. If more of them guess correctly, you will earn a lot of points, but if none of them has the right answer, you won’t have any points. When someone takes their turn to draw, your mission now is to guess the right word as fast as possible for a high score. Guessing game online also contains more awesome features for you to explore. You can even create a private room to play with your friends and experience 5 more languages and more that are coming. Will you beat all players to become the best player? Enjoy game!