Instructions : Use arrow keys or keys W, A, S, D to perform the movement of your character. Simply click the left mouse button to fire your opponents. The right mouse button or the spacebar will be used for the arena zoom.

About is a 3D third-person shooting game with fast-paced gameplay. Select your favorite weapons and hop into an intense match where you play against multiple online enemies. To conquer, you should not forget to slay as many people as possible to earn high ranks! Remember to dodge and survive until you take over the top spot!

Join you are recommended to pay attention to the ammo always because it can deplete very quickly. Furthermore, it is able to result in your death later once you do not reload promptly. Actually, it is a good way to keep you safe during, survive for a longer time and clear more foes. Are you willing to participate in your story and dominate the leaderboard? Try to perform tactics wisely and stay alive at the end of the challenge! Pick out the best equipment and show up your skills now!