Instructions : Move your orb around in space using the mouse, click the left mouse to speed up, use keys 1-4 to upgrade.

About free unblocked is a new HTML5 game that is set in space where you become a small orb flying around the universe to gather as many particles as possible to form an orbit. You will be pitted against lots of enemies from across the world, and the only way for killing them is to use the particles to attack their cores. You can gather more particles into your orbit, making yourself stronger a bit and then get ready to attack others. But be careful when they try to fight you back. If their particles crash into your core, you will take massive damage, and you know what happens to you next, which is about meeting your doom. To power up, you should use your collected particles to purchase some upgrades, including dot resilience, dot critical chance, speed, and max health. Make sure that you keep your orb alive for as long as possible for a chance of reaching the highest rank on the leaderboard. Are you ready for online game? Start it now!