Instructions : Control your chicken's movement using WASD. Press the spacebar or use the mouse to jump. Hold it if you want to aim and release it to charge.


If you want to prove your abilities in a new Battle Royale game, then may be a nice pick for you. By pitting you against various online enemies, free unblocked will keep you engaged for hours as well as drive you more insane when it becomes tougher to conquer. You step into a battle where there are up to 80 players trying to eliminate each other. You are a cunning chicken armed with some moves with several abilities, such as jumping, walking, sprinting, dashing, etc. You have to utilize them wisely to overcome all dangers and more importantly, you can destroy all enemies coming in your way. The more enemies you kill, the more points you can score, which then allows you to unlock brand new items. Your aim in game is to become the best nugget king in the entire arena and rule the leaderboard.