Instructions : Move with WASD, click the left mouse to fire, use key E to switch weapons, key Q to throw a grenade, key R to reload, spacebar to jump and key Shift to zoom and aim.

About free shooting game is super awesome to master. In the game, you are an egg killer armed with lots of advanced weapons, you must know that you are here for a reason which is to destroy all online opponents to become the most feared egg killer. You venture out into many areas of the map to hunt down opponents, and once they get in your way, quickly gun down on them using your weapons while trying to dodge getting cracked yourself. You’d better watch out for your surroundings because the enemies are unpredictable and you have no ideas about what they are up to. Also, pay attention to your ammo count as your weapon only has a limited supply, so you have to get more of them from the ground and from the downed rivals. Make sure you get to a quiet corner of the map to recover your health when it runs low. Are you ready to vanquish all enemies in Shell Shockers online game? Good luck to you!