Instructions : Click the mouse or use key Q to speed up. Use key W to stop the movement, key E to become invisible and keys 1-5 to use a smiley.

About Wormax2.io

Wormax2.io is a new HTML5 Multiplayer game about snakes based on Slither.io. It is also known as a new browser version of Wormax.io with a lot of challenges to conquer. Wormax2.io free will keep you engaged for hours thanks to its awesome features. The major change here is that you will be provided with three lives rather than just one. As a small worm, you will slither your way through an arena collecting the fruit scattered on the map. The more fruit you pick up, the longer you are. Then, you can throw yourself into chaotic conflicts where you have to kill all enemies using your big body. Remember to speed boost to outmaneuver them and quickly cut them off. Try not to collide with their bodies, or else you will lose a life. Watch out for your surroundings as you accumulate more kills. Can you reach the top spot on the leaderboard?